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August 08
Online Journal Finder and Findit@Brighton Upgraded

The Online Journal Finder and Findit@Brighton have a cleaner and more modern look and improved functionality.

You can see the upgraded Online Journal Finder from the Online Library. Findit@Brighton is the service that underpins linking to our online journals from scholarly databases or OneSearch. The upgraded Findit@Brighton service uses an improved way of linking which should, in the majority of cases, mean fewer clicks to get you to the full text of an article and provide a more streamlined experience.

June 19
Library summer vacation opening hours: Brighton Campuses

Falmer Library Over summer vacation 2018 opening hours at Falmer Library will be extended to be open 7 days a week, with their ground floor computer room open 8am until midnight every day.  

​Monday to Thursday ​ Friday​​ ​ ​Saturday and Sunday
9th June to 31st July​ ​0900 to 1900 ​0900 to 1730 ​1200 to 1600
August​​ (closed 27th) ​0900 to 1730 ​0900 to 1730 ​1200 to 1600
1st to 23rd ​September ​0845 to 1900 ​0845 to 1900 ​1200 to 1600
​Ground floor Computer room ​0800 to midnight ​0800 to midnight ​0800 to midnight
Aldrich Library will be open the usual weekday vacation hours of Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm.
Monday to Friday​​ Saturday and Sunday​
9th ​June to 23rd September (closed 27th August)​ ​0900 to 1730 ​Closed
St Peters House Library will be closed for refurbishment and improvement works, see news item for further details.
9th June to 30th Septe​mber​ Closed for improvements​​
Please visit the Library Services website for opening hours of all our libraries
This means the focus for weekend and evening summer hours will be at the Falmer Library where the teaching year differs and there is a greater need for summer evening and weekend hours. We have consulted with equality and diversity colleagues and Human Resources to conduct Equalities Impact Assessments for library users and staff in setting these hours.
The advantages to this change in hours are:
·        The Falmer Library computer room opening hours extend beyond the library opening hours 8am-midnight, 7 days a week. This gives extended access to specialist software for CEM, SET and SOAD via Flexapp.
·        It avoids disruption from the building work associated with the Big Build at the Moulsecoomb campus.
·        It allows for essential improvement work within Aldrich library to be scheduled over the weekend period which minimises weekday disruption.
·        Parking facilities are expected to be severely limited on the Moulsecoomb campus. There are good transport links and greater parking availability at the Falmer campus where parking permits are not required during the summer vacation. Five disabled parking spaces are situated very close to the Falmer Library.
·       It allows full week access to the St Peters House core collection of 1000 books which will be housed at Falmer Library from 25th June to the completion of the refurbishment works.
·       Key readings from Aldrich Library can be made available as Desk Loans at the Falmer campus and there are many more available as e-resources.
·       MyPc enables students to book pcs and study spaces to plan their visit.
·         Falmer has 400 study spaces offering silent, quiet and group working available for longer hours than at Aldrich.
Please contact your library to discuss your individual circumstances and needs.
May 29
​Closure of Queenwood Print Room

Dear Colleagues

Unfortunately due to a lack of use, the Print Service for students trial based at Queenwood Library in Eastbourne will be finishing on Friday 8th June 2018.
Our initial survey, conducted in April 2017, indicated 98% of students would use the service however take-up has not met expectations and usage of the service has been approximately one student per day.
To further promote and encourage students to use the service, we also undertook two meet and greet advertising days during the academic year where Print Services staff visited the Eastbourne and Hastings campuses (Computer Rooms, Libraries and Restaurants), handing out dozens of leaflets. Our marketing campaign included a well-publicised open day at Queenwood with free giveaways, we also used posters, twitter and advertised on the Print Services website.
We are sorry that we have to withdraw the service in Eastbourne, however we still encourage students to visit either the service provided at Brighton (Cockcroft Building) or Grand Parade (3rd Floor) where we offer a personal service with fully trained members of staff. Alternatively there are also several commercial printers within the town centre in Eastbourne.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding this matter.
May 24
Coming Soon - Learning Technology developments

​Please see the blog post providing a summary update of current learning technology developments and projects at the University of Brighton.


Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 15.02.07.png

May 14
Aspire reading lists rollover 22nd May

​On 22nd May, all published 17/18 reading lists will be rolled over to the 18/19 time period and automatically published. 

What do we need from you?

Before 22nd May 2018

Make sure any list you want copying over for 18/19 is published

  • draft lists are not copied
  • any lists with unpublished changes will lose the changes

After 22nd May 2018

  • Go to the Aspire website and login. Select My Lists and find the 18/19 version of your list
  • Edit your 18/19 list ahead of the new academic year - add new resources, move sections around or even just amend students numbers
  • Request a review of your list to allow library staff to check book stock and journal links

Any questions?  please contact your Information Adviser


Please be aware that you won't be able to edit any lists on Tuesday 22nd May.


May 09
Give us a tour of Aldrich Library and receive £5 Unicard credit
So we can continue to make improvements to the library and the services we provide we want to hear how YOU use the library.

To do this we are inviting students to take library staff on a tour of the library in order to show how you typically use the spaces, facilities and services on offer. The aim of this is to allow library staff to see the library through the eyes of its users, and hopefully learn a little more about what is working well and where improvements could be made.
We’re looking for all levels of library users, from first years to postgrads, and even people who don’t use the library!
You can take as much or as little time as you need, and a member of library staff will be there to walk with you and listen to your thoughts.
This is a great opportunity for students to give us feedback about the Aldrich Library in a new way. As a thank you for giving up your time you will receive £5 credit on your Unicard.
If you’d like to know more or get involved, please email askaldrich@brighton.ac.uk with the subject “Touchstone Tours”

May 03
St. Peters House Library undergoing a c£600k major refurbishment over the summer
The university is investing c£600k in a refurbishment of the St. Peters House Library interior this summer. This will require the library to shut its doors (but not its service) throughout the summer of 2018. This follows requests from library users to make improvements to the library interior especially in regard to temperature and facilities.


  • Entirely reappointed interior (carpets, walls, shelving, facilities)
  • A new ventilation system to bring fresh air into the library
  • Additional drinking fountains
  • Sustainable LED lights to replace the fluorescent lighting
  • Enhanced acoustic management
  • Updated network and telephony cabling to provide an increased number of recharging points and better internet connectivity

Dates of Refurbishment

Friday, June 8th at 17:30 the library will shut its doors and is due to open again on October 1st 8:45 for the start of term.

Summer Services

The library service will continue to operate 7-days a week throughout the summer between the two other Brighton libraries, at the Aldrich Library (885 study spaces) and at the Falmer Library (400 spaces) as well as Queenwood and Hastings. These libraries provide 400,000+ books and the Online Library supplies millions of accountable sources for research.

The loss of our dedicated public space for Arts and Humanities books is temporary but nonetheless disruptive for those of us who work through the summer. Our summer composition is a mix of post-graduates, students in summer seminars, and those writing dissertation with hand-ins following the summer term (as well as members of the public). To that end we have adjusted library rules to better support our users.


  • From May 1st the number of materials you can borrow will increase permanently to 99 (from 20).
  • From June 8th until opening October 1st, the number of Interlibrary Loans (ILLs) will be unlimited for our summer students, researchers, and staff.
  • ILLs will be delivered to Falmer from May 28th, but upon your direct request to asksph@brighton.ac.uk, you can pick up ILLs at Aldrich, Queenwood, or Hastings.
  • All new St. Peter’s books, CDs, films, and journals which arrive over the summer will available at Falmer.
  • 1000 of St. Peter’s books can be browsed at Falmer from June 25th in a small break-off collection.
  • A selection of the materials from our Special Collections will be available at Falmer.
  • Graduating Grand Parade students who apply for the free library Alumni membership can ask us to extend their guaranteed year-long membership, to a year and a half.
  • We renew your borrowed books automatically 99 times (thereby avoiding fines). We still need you to return your borrowed books when these are requested by other library members. Please return those books to any library when you receive an email indicating your item has to be returned at its due date.

How do I get the books I need if they’re in storage?

Where a book is in storage, we will supply you a copy through the unlimited Interlibrary Loan (ILL). You can expand your resources by searching for materials outside of the University of Brighton Libraries and requesting a copy to be picked up in Brighton via ILL.

All the sources you require for your dissertations, research, and other projects can be borrowed from the University of Brighton Libraries during the summer.

Requesting Interlibrary Loans (ILLs)

Interlibrary Loan Requests

Online Sources

Online Library

Broaden your Search for Books to Request via ILLs

  • Search for books in Academic and Research Libraries across the UK in COPAC
  • Search Libraries across the world (pickup UofB Libraries) WorldCat
  • Search Art Libraries across Europe and the US (pickup UofB Libraries) Art Discovery Group

Talk to Librarians

Librarians are available on a drop-in bases, or via email asksph@brighton.ac.uk or a phone call, and will provide reliable, accountable sources for students’ researching their dissertation topics. 

asksph@brighton.ac.uk is brilliantly monitored and a great way to contact library staff!”
- Lara Perry, Deputy Head, School of Humanities

How to Feedback on the Plans

Email LibraryRefurb@brighton.ac.uk which goes to the library manager Lisa Redlinski as well as Assistant Director of Information Services, Cath Morgan.

Literary Reference

“When Alonzo Quijano leaves his bed and seeks the comfort of his books he doesn’t find them, as though a wizard arrived one night on a cloud and made the books and the room they were in vanish in a puff of smoke. Without his library Alonzo Quijano is no longer the man he was and then, in remembering the books that taught him the ethics of chivalry, his imaginative strength comes back to him ... he leaves his house and sets off on new adventures.... loss helps you remember, and the loss of a library helps you remember who you truly are.” – Alberto Manguel Packing My Library

Borrow these now--

Don Quixote as a graphic novel

The Book of the Order of the Chivalry, Ramon Llull- the guy who invented chivalry


Listen to Packing my Library


Before Refurb

Decorative image

After Refurb

Decorative image

May 01
Information Services support Spring Tails for BBC Springwatch again

Following the success of last year's SpringTails project, Information Services are working again with ​Dr Dawn Scott to provide a platform for the public to share their videos of animal interactions.

Dawn's research investigates the impact of providing food on the interactions between wildlife in gardens. ​As a regular presenter of BBC Springwatch, Dawn will be inviting viewers to submit their own garden stories for analysis as part of this University of Brighton research. This second year of the project hopes to capture even more stories from the public having proved the technology platforms were reliable and efficient in 2017.


The Spring Tails website: http://www.brighton.ac.uk/springtails


If you have photos or video of animal interactions in your garden, please send us your #springtails story.
April 27
Mediastream update - moving to MediaLecture from Relay

Changes are coming this summer to the current video/screen capture service at the university, Relay and the Fuse app are being withdrawn. We would like to reassure you that no content will be lost and that Information Services will be working with colleagues to ensure a smooth transition of your video content. 

Screenshot 2018-04-27 12.13.35.pngScreenshot 2018-04-27 12.13.46.png

Full details are available on the eLearning blog.

Monday 2nd July: Relay profiles removed, MediaStream the only option from Relay/Fuse. MediaLecture released to all staff (earlier by arrangement).
Monday 3rd September: Relay/Fuse withdrawn, no longer accessible for university staff.
December 2018: Relay server decommissioned.
April 27
Personal Academic Tutor Student View - launches Monday April 30th

​In response to a development request from the Widening Participation Action Team, a new report has been created in eVision to allow Personal Academic Tutors to lookup details on their tutees. Staff will see a new tab on studentcentral called "Student Lookup" which will link anyone with a PAT role through to an eVision page listing their tutees.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 08.56.25.png
Staff will be able to click to view a larger photo, contact details and current module registrations for each student. Staff will be able to access the 'transcript' that their students see for historic grade data.


We are very interested in feedback from PATs on this new tool. The pilot runs until the end of term. If there is demand we hope to be able to develop the system further including current studentcentral grades, an LSP flag and a course leader version. Please feedback to Katie Piatt.

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