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April 16
Wi-Fi changes: update to eduroam security certificate

On Wednesday 24th April, IT services will install a new security certificate for our eduroam Wi-Fi service

The new certificate for authenticate.brighton.ac.uk will be installed at 10am on Wednesday 24th April.

  • If you are using a Windows computer, or an Android phone or tablet: you may not notice anything different.
  • If you are using an Apple product, a Mac computer, or an iPhone or an iPad:  the first time you connect to wireless after the change you will see a warning​ and you should instruct your device to 'trust' the new certificate.

See screenshots below.

The new certificate ensures that our Wi-Fi service continues to be secure.


Apple iPhones and iPads


Tap Trust when you see this screen:




Select Always trust this certifcate and Continue when you see a screen like this - note the network will be "eduroam" and not "UoB-test"

mac certificate.png



March 13
Print Services at Cockcroft closed during Easter vacation while the counter is extended.

Moulsecoomb, Cockcroft Print Room - Easter vacation 29th March to 23rd April 2019.

We will be closed over the Easter vacation due to planned building works to extend our counter. This is to tackle the issue of queues for a popular service in peak periods.

During this period our Grand Parade Print Room will be open Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am- 4.30pm and we will be happy to help you with your print needs at this site.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience during his time.
January 31
Customer Service Excellence - achieved for the 3rd year

Information Services have achieved the Customer Service Excellence standards for the third year running. The assessor said: ‘The department continues to develop its customer insight with a number of laudable new initiatives which have been implemented since the previous assessment.  Certification to the CSE standard continues to be fully justified and well-deserved.’
We would like to thank staff, students, the Students Union and our external partners for supporting us in our achievement.
January 23
Lynda.com upgrade to LinkedIn Learning - Monday Jan 28th

Please Note that you will not be able to access Lynda.com on January 28th while the move takes place.

If you used Lynda.com before, don’t worry, all the existing Lynda.com content will be transferred to LinkedIn Learning. This includes:
  • All courses, videos, exercises
  • playlists (they will now be called Collections)
  • your learning activity and history

Here's what will happen

When the new system is ready (Tuesday 29th or soon after), you will receive an email invitation from ‘University Of Brighton via LinkedIn Learning’:



 What you should do

  1. Click/ tap on Get Started now in the email
  2. You will be asked to ‘enter your job title, or desired job title’. This information is used to recommend courses relevant to your needs. You don’t need to be too accurate and you can change this information later.

  3. Click/tap on Continue.
  4. You will be asked ‘what skills do you want to learn’.  As before, this information is used to recommend courses that will interest you. You can search for skills and select skills from the list. Again, you will be able to change these choices later.
  5. Click/tap on Continue.

    You should now be connected to your LinkedIn Learning home screen. We hope you enjoy using LinkedIn -  see the one page  super-quick tour on using LinkedIn Learning .
Staff:Do you share playlists with students and colleagues?
Please note:
  • Playlists have been replaced by new and improved Collections and Learning Paths. 
  • you can add guidance notes to Collections,as well as links to your own custom content
  • You need Admin rights to share Collections and Learning Paths with others
If you plan to share content with students and colleagues, please complete this form to request Admin access.
For more information, see our LinkedIn Learning web pages


    November 12
    ​MyBrighton - Student Mobile Portal Pilot

    A technical pilot is underway, to see how the university can better integrate services for our students into a mobile app.


    Student App in development
    The MyBrighton app has been developed using the MyDay software from Collabco. Technical work is currently underway linking in student’s email, calendars, timetables, studentcentral announcements, library loans etc.


    This work will also look at how communications to students can be better targeted including notifications and live updates.

    An evaluation of the app will be carried out with two cohorts of students in January 2019 looking at both the technical aspects and student response to the app, for future planning.

    You can view the MyBrighton app in the Apple and Google app stores but please note the content will be targeted at the cohorts involved in the pilot and integrations for staff accounts have not been set up.

    November 07
    ​Learning Analytics - 2018 Learning Dashboard Launch

    The Learning Analytics pilots to date in the Business School have been extended for 2018/19 to include courses in the Schools of Sport and Service Management and Education. The Business school are extending to a full school pilot. The student facing learning dashboard provides students with access to their grades, attendance and online activity with the ability to compare their own data with the rest of their cohort.

    On Tuesday November 6th 2018 the new Learning Dashbaord for 2018 was released to nearly 2000 staff and students.


    Banner to promote the new dashboard to students

    2018 dashboard.jpg
    2018 Student Learning Dashboard


    Tools developed to support these pilots are now available across the university: The Personal Academic Tutor and Course Leader student lookups are available to all staff via studentcentral. There is also a PhotoRegister available via all studentcentral modules for a simple way to take registers in seminar groups. More information on these tools is available at: http://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/elearningteam/2018/06/15/learning-analytics-summer-update/


    November 06
    Print Services host inaugural Web to Print Submission Day

    Print Services were pleased to welcome colleagues from across the UK, HE Sector on 1st November 2018.

    Peers from Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Glasgow, London School of Economics, Nottingham Trent, West England & Wolverhampton Universities travelled to attend our Web to Print Submission Day.
    The link between us is Skyline which is web to print submission software, you will know ours as Reprint. We have come together as a group to network and collaborate with the software developers to fit the specific needs and challenges of HE Print.
    Presentations from Lorna, Print Services Manager and Tim, Print Supervisor were well received, followed by a tour of our print Room. Best practice and experiences were shared with much interaction and lively debate.
    Looking forward to the next one in Bristol!
    Some of the feedback we’ve received;
    ·         London School of Economics
    Many thanks Lorna
    It was an excellent day – most informative and we’ve been offered lots of support and offers to visit other Unis in our quest to format and install Skyline effectively ourselves here at the LSE. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive and willing to share.
    Elena and I will give hosting a special interest day some serious consideration though I think anything we attempt would pale in comparison to the day you put together for us yesterday.
    Once again, many thanks to all
    ·         Glasgow University
    Thoroughly enjoyed my day at Brighton (walked in the door at 8:05pm last night, not bad).
    Lots of very relevant discussion and an excellent start to our collaboration over Skyline.
    Sincere thanks to Lorna and Tim for providing the hospitality and making us all welcome.
    ·         Wolverhampton University
    Many thanks for organising the event Lorna and Tim. We had a great day and found it really useful and informative. It was particularly helpful to find out how other universities handle student work. Looking forward to the next one!
    ·         Bristol University
    Fantastic day Lorna and thought it was a mine of information. We went off track continually but because we all wanted to explore how and what we do. Great to meet everyone and talk ‘print strategy’ all day. Looking forward to hosting the next day in February and hope I do half as good a job!
    October 17
    Changes to student email


    ​Changes to your Inbox


    Your university email service is provided through an Office 365 account. One of the features Office 365 offers is a ‘Focused Inbox’, which separates the messages you receive into two folders: ‘Focused’ and ‘Others’.
    'Focused' messages are ones sent directly to you that Outlook judges the most important. Anything else goes into the  ‘Other’ folder and that includes messages sent to groups of people.


    This facility can cause problems if you don’t spot the ‘Other’ folder, or don’t remember to check it regularly. Some students have been unable to find important messages that Outlook has stored in the ‘Other’ folder. To prevent this happening we are changing the settings for our Office 365 accounts so that  there is only one ‘Inbox’ folder. 
    From Wednesday 17th October, all your incoming messages will be displayed in the same Inbox folder.
    If you liked the Focused feature and want your messages to be sorted into Focused and Other, you can set this up yourselves. If you are using Outlook on the web:
    1. Select Settings > Display Settings> Focused Inbox 
    2. Under 'When email is received', select 'Sort messages into Focused and Other'
    3. Click OK
    4. Sign out of Outlook.com and sign in again to see the changes.
    If you do this, don’t forget to check your ‘Other’  folder regularly!
    You can find more information on Focused inboxes and further instructions for changing your Focused Inbox settings  on the Microsoft office web site here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/focused-inbox-for-outlook-f445ad7f-02f4-4294-a82e-71d8964e3978


    October 03
    Computer Clinics Extended

    ​Computer Clinics provide advice and assistance to students for their personal IT devices. They can help with eduroam issues, malware, viruses and connecting to university systems and diagnosing hardware and software faults.

    Most clinics operate in the evenings. A new evening clinic is being trialled at Varley Park (trial ends Wednesday October 31) and a new daytime clinic has been introduced at Hastings.
    For further information, including locations and opening times, see the Computer Clinics web page.
    October 01
    St Peters House Library re-opened on Monday

    ​We are delighted to announce that St Peters House Library re-opened on Monday 1st October as planned. Print journals and Special Collections won't be available for a while as we focus on getting the bookstock and study spaces in full order. Please bear with us during this time.  

    What’s been achieved with the university’s £800k investment?
    ·    Cool air ventilation system installed to address overheating in the building
    ·    New lighting throughout
    ·    New shelving installed and stock layout
    ·    Fully re-carpeted and redecorated –with a different accent colour on each floor.
    ·    200+ study spaces of different styles, many with power sockets

    What services are available on Monday?
    ·    Books - most are available but others will be unpacked and interfiled during the next week or so
    ·    Help Desk - enquiry services
    ·    Student pcs and Macs
    ·    Wireless network
    ·    Self-issue and return machine

    ·    Library catalogue – all floors
    ·    Study spaces – Ground, 2nd 3rd and 4th floors
    ·    Group study room – 4th floor
    ·    Copy/print/scan – ground floor only
    ·    Toilet facilities – all floors

    What services won’t be available for a short while?
    ·    Print journals – Floor 1 will be closed while these are being unpacked and re-shelved.
    ·    Special Collections and microform reader

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