​Accessing buildings and rooms

Access control is installed across the majority of University buildings including main entrances, stairwells, corridors and rooms but also including Halls of Residences at Varley Park and libraries.

Initialise your UniCard

You only need to go through the card initialisation process once, on the first occasion that you use your UniCard to access the building. If you experience any difficulties initialising your UniCard, please contact the local Estates staff at the building reception. The university is continuing to expand the service in new or modified buildings.

Simply present your UniCard to one of the 10 small square readers by building entrances, there will also be signage next to all the online card readers.
To initialise your UniCard:
  • present your card to one of the readersSALTO.jpg
  • an LED light will flash to blue for about 10 seconds... 
  • and then back to green with an audible sound
  • this will signify that your card has successfully been initialised and will then allow access to all the doors students are entitled to go through.
  • If the card reader flashes red at the end of the registration period then an error has occurred, please visit the building reception for help.
Note that some card readers are 'online' and some are 'offline' and you can only initialise your card with an online card reader. All card readers are clearly marked to show whether they are online or offline.  The card readers closest to the building entrances will be 'online' so head towards one of those first.


What if my card doesn't work?

If your card does not work, please report this the the Estates department.


What about visitors?

All visitors including staff associated with the university will require a visitors card. Please contact the Estates department to arrange this. ​​