​Cashless Catering

All staff and students can use their UniCard to buy food and drink at the various university catering outlets, Students Union shops and restaurants including pre-paid breakfast and evening meals in Catered Halls.

The UniCard is a hassle free way of paying for food and drink at our restaurants and cafes without having to use cash, and if you pay with your UniCard for food and drink at any University of Brighton café, you get 10% discount on every purchase (please note that this does not include alcohol).


Adding credit to your account

You will need to add some credit to your account before you can use it to pay for things. Go the the Manage your account​ page for instructions on how to do this. 

Registering your card

The UniCard itself must first be registered (initialised) at a UniCard Terminal located in one of the following university restaurants (not at the tills): Grand Parade, Cockcroft Mezz, Falmer Westlain, Mithras House, Varley Halls, Sprinters, Greynore Restaurant, Cafe in haste – University of Brighton Hastings.

You only need to do this once for a new or a replacement card. To register your card:MST.jpg
  • ​insert the UniCard
  • press button to issue card
  • confirm name and press button to return card.
Your card is now ready to use at the tills.



Paying for things

To pay for food or goods in university outlets simply insert your UniCard into a card reader at the tills. Wedge.jpg

The first time you use the card reader, a maximum of £10 will automatically be transferred onto your UniCard from your online account, dependent on the amount available in the online account.

Throughout the year, whenever the credit on your UniCard drops below £5 this is automatically topped up to the value of £10 from your online UniCard Account - but only if you have that much money in your account. See the FAQs below on how to change the automatic transfer settings.

Note: money left on your online account can be used to pay for printing and Library fines, money left on your actual UniCard itself is just for catering (food & drink) and SU shops.

Lost cards

If you lose your card then you must report the card lost and the card will be 'hotlisted', or blocked. Once the card is hotlisted any money left on the card can be added back into your account – unlike cash, it’s not gone for good.




Can I get my money back before I leave the University of Brighton if I don't use my UniCard for purchases?

Generally no, any money you have on your UniCard will be only refunded when you leave the University. In special situations the University may make an early refund at the discretion of the Finance department; however, there will be a £10 admin charge.

What is the minimum I can put on my UniCard?

Using the UniCard Terminals within the canteens there is a facility to add small amounts of funds to the UniCard.

What is the maximum I can put on my UniCard?

The system automatically credits each UniCard (the first time it’s used) with up to £10:00 from the user’s main account, depending on the amount available in the account for transfer. If a UniCard balance drops below £5.00 the system will automatically top-up the card to a maximum value of £10 by drawing down funds from your main UniCard account.

How can I check how much money I have on my UniCard?

Your UniCard balance for non-printing is displayed whenever you use your UniCard. You can also go to the UniCard web centre to see a detailed account history of all your transactions including catering, printing, and library fines.


How do I turn OFF or ON the automatic transfer of money to my card from my UniCard Account?

Visit one of the UniCard Terminals located in the university restaurants, insert your card and select the button ‘Change Settings’ and follow the instructions.


Can I transfer money to my card even if I’ve turned off the automatic top-up?

Yes, visit one of the UniCard Terminals located in the university restaurants, insert your card and select the button ‘Balance’ and follow the instructions.

Can I transfer money from my UniCard back to my main UniCard account

Visit one of the UniCard Terminals located in the university restaurants, insert your card and select the button ‘Change Settings’ and follow the instructions.

Can I use my UniCard as a discount card in local shops?

The UniCard is not a discount card. Students (and staff) need to purchase a NUS card from the Students Union if they wish to benefit from available discounts. Further information can be found at the NUS website.