​Managing your UniCard account

In order to be able to use your UniCard to pay your library fines, cashless catering or for network printing, you must first add funds to your UniCard account.

Topping up your account


You can add credit to our secure online UniCard account facility using your debit or credit card details. 
 UniCard Online Facility Log in using your University of Brighton username and password.

​The University recommends that whenever you use a credit card to top up your UniCard account you should use your own personal computer or laptop, in the privacy of your own home. If you choose to use a computer within the university network, you do so at your own risk and you must ensure that your personal details are kept secure, that you are not overlooked and you ensure you log off when finished. 


 If you would like more information on managing your account online, see Manage Your UniCard Online Account Guide.



You can add credit (using cash) to your central UniCard account using the Printer Credit Stations​ within the open access computer poolrooms associated with the university libraries.  

How your account works

You will see on the online facility two different parts to your credit.


Online Account 

This is the amount of credit you have available for paying for printing services and library fines.


UniCard Credit


This is the amount that is automatically transfered/downloaded onto your actual UniCard card when you pay for food and goods in the university catering outlets.




What’s the difference between ‘Credit in Account’ and ‘Credit on UniCard’

Credit in Account refers to your balance currently available in your online UniCard account. This can be used for network printing, paying library fines, or topping up your UniCard. Credit on UniCard refers to how much your UniCard currently holds for spending on food and drink.


Can I move money between my printing budget and my food budget?

Money is deducted from your central online account for printing and library fines and the UniCard itself pays for food and drinks only. The initial cash value credited to the UniCard will be up to a maximum of £10. Please note, that when the cash value on the card drops to below £5 the system will automatically top-up the card to a maximum of £10 from your main account. To transfer money back on to your main account visit one of the Unicard Terminals located in the university restaurants; insert your card and select the button ‘Change Settings’ and follow the instructions.

Once I've put money on my UniCard can I get a refund when I leave university?

Yes, when your course concludes and you leave the university we can refund any money you have on your UniCard balance. There is an administrative charge for this service of £10. We recommend that any funds you have in your main account and funds on your Unicard are used before leaving to avoid the £10 admin charge.


Is it safe to type my credit card details on to the UniCard website?

Your bank and credit card details are encrypted and secure which prevents people from stealing your details. If you choose to type your credit card details on university premises, we recommend that you check that no one is watching when you enter your personal bank details. 

Ideally enter your information when you are alone - in your home or halls and not in a public area such as a coffee shop or bar. As with all transactions over the internet, check that the URL (web address) starts with https:// and that a padlock is displayed to confirm that the site is secure.

Are the computers in our open access computer poolrooms secure?

Yes, the university takes security very seriously and have adopted a number of measures to protect our computer systems operating and networks within the university. These include computers within our open access computer poolrooms protected with anti-virus software, client policy security measures and restricted access to installing software.

How do I access the Apple UK online store from outside the University network?

There are several ways to ensure you get the opportunity to receive Apple discounts via their online store including a new mobile app called UniDays or alternatively phone or visit an Apple store. Don’t forget to take your UniCard or NUS card with you to prove that you are a student at the University of Brighton.

What do I do if money does not appear when I check my UniCard balance?

Check the email account that you gave when entering your credit card details. You should have received an email confirmation acknowledging your payment. Also check your spam folder in case the email has appeared there.
Please see the user guide Managing Your UniCard Account Online​ for an example of the notification email.
The email should appear within a few minutes of your credit card deposit. If you have not received the email, it is likely that the deposit was not processed. Double check your own bank account to make sure that the payment has not been processed. You can also check your 'Account History' which shows all your deposits and transactions - check the date and time to see if the amount is displayed.

What do I do if I see an error message after typing my credit card details?

If an error message is displayed, check that you have entered your details correctly. 
If your details are correct, make a note of the error message and report the problem using one of the following methods: 
  • send an email to unicard@brighton.ac.uk
  • ring 01273 644555  
  • visit a library issue desk where staff may be able to provide assistance.  
​To ensure that your problem is solved as quickly as possible, please include the error message in your email.
Below are two examples of the type of error messages you may see if there is a problem with your request to credit funds onto your UniCard Account.
 Error message
The error message above may indicate that the network is down to the company that deals with credit card transactions. Please report this to unicard@brighton.ac.uk 
The error message above generally indicates that the session has timed out and therefore the user is requested to try again, however the error also occurs if users navigate away from the Payment web page using the web browsers back button. If the message continues, please report this to unicard@brighton.ac.uk

Does the UniCard website store my payment details or do I have to re-enter them each time I make a payment to my account?

For security reasons, users are required to enter their credit card details each time they make a payment to their account.

Can I get a refund of any money still in my UniCard account at the end of the academic year?

The university will only refund money back onto your bank account when you leave the university. There is an administration charge of £10 for this service.