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UniCard services

paying for things on campus

 How to:  set up  your UniCard account,

add credit and manage your account.


​You can use your UniCard to pay for most things on campus, so that you don't need to carry cash.

You must first add credit to your UniCard account. You can do this with our secure online service, using a credit or debit card.

 Your Online Account can be used to pay for:

  • Print/copy/scan and advanced Printing services
  • Food and items at University cafes and restaurants
  • Library fines,
  • Buying computers,  
  • Sport Brighton facilities​

Before you can pay things on campus, you must follow the steps below to Add credit to your UniCard Online Account.


 Add credit to your Online Account


Make sure no-one can see you enter your personal details

  1. Go to to
  2. Login with your studentcentral username and password
  3. Click the link to Top-up
  4. You will now be asked to select an amount and enter credit/debit card details. If you first select the Quickload option, you can save your card details for quicker top-ups in future.

If you selected Quickload, the next time you want to top-up using the same card, just go straight to Quickload from the UniCard services main menu.

You can now use your UniCard account  to pay for printing, computers, library fines and Sport Brighton facilities.

The minimum amount you can topup online is £10. If you want to add a smaller amount of credit to your account, for example £5 or even 50p, you can do so using cash at one of the library Help Desks or at  one of the Printer Credit stations - see Paying for Printing.


 Managing your UniCard account


​You can add credit to your UniCard Online Account any time you like by going to and clicking on TopUp or Quickload.


More ways to manage your account at UniCard Onlinetransactions.PNG

  • The link to Transactions will show you a history of all your UniCard transaction.
  • You can buy EAT-IN packages - save money by buying meal packages for a term, or a year
  • Friends and Family TopUp allows other people to add money to your UniCard account. they just need to know your surname and student number.


Other services you can pay for using your UniCard include Library Fines, mobile printing, Computers from the UniCard Store, Sports Brighton membership.To pay for these services using your UniCard account, click on the link to Other UniCard services from



 Auto Top Up


​Auto Top Up is a facility whereby your UniCard account can be automatically topped up directly from your payment card. This will happen whenever your UniCard balance falls below a value set by you.

You will receive an email after your account has been topped up. You will not be notified before it happens. If you choose to use this facility, we strongly recommend that you monitor your spending to make sure you keep within your budget:

You should regularly:transactions.PNG

  • check your UniCard Transactions 
  • check the balance of the payment card account that is being used for the top up


You can start and cancel auto top ups at any time.

If you want to use auto top up facility you can:

  1. Go to and login with your studentcentral username and password
  2. Select My Settings from the top menu
  3. Select Auto Top Up Settings
  4. Read the Auto Top Up  terms and conditions (Ts & Cs)
  5. If you understand and agree to these, select Accept Terms and Conditions and then select Opt in

  6. Set 'Enable balance triggered Auto Top Up' to 'On'auto-top2.PNG
  7. Choose the Credit/Debit card for the top up to be taken from
  8. Choose the level (amount)  you want your UniCard account to be at when the top up is triggered (Top Up trigger amount)
  9. Choose the amount of money you want to be transferred to your UniCard account each time the trigger level is reached
  10. Select Applytransactions.PNG

Don't forget to check your UniCard Transactions and your payment card balance regularly!


If at any time. you decide you do not want money to automatically be transferred to your UniCard account,

  1. return to My Settings
  2.  select Autop Top Settings and
  3. select Opt-Out of Auto Top Up


Don't forget to set-up your UniCard to
access buildings and rooms



 Terms, conditions and policies


The University recommends that whenever you use a credit card to top up your UniCard account you should use your own personal computer or laptop, in the privacy of your own home. If you choose to use a computer within the university network, you do so at your own risk and you must ensure that your personal details are kept secure, that you are not overlooked and you ensure you log off when finished. 


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