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UniCard Services


Setting up your UniCard to access rooms and buildings 


 Accessing buildings and rooms


​You can use your UniCard to access buildings and rooms outside normal working hours.

​Before you can do this, you must link your UniCard with the university's access control system.

You only need to do this once and you can do this yourself using one of the small square card readers shown below.

Here is what you do:


 The first time you use your UniCard

  1. Present your card to one of the small square card readers at the building entrance.
  2. An LED light will flash BLUE for about 10 seconds and then turn GREEN - Success!
  3. You can now use your UniCard to access buldings out of hours.



 Problems? Lights turn red?

  • ​If the light turns RED, contact the building reception for help, but check the following information first: 
  • Some card readers are 'online' and some are 'offline' and you need an online card reader to setup your card. All card readers are clearly marked to show whether they are online or offline.  The card readers closest to the building entrances will be 'online' so head towards one of those first.
  • After your card has been linked to the access control system you can use it at any of the card readers.
  • If you continue to have problems using your card to access rooms and buildings, contact the university's Estates and Facilities management department, or speak to reception staff at the building.
  • Note that all visitors, including staff associated with the university, will require a visitor's card. Please contact the Estates and Facilities management department to arrange this.


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