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​UniCard Services

Replacing lost or damaged UniCards


 Replacement cards

  • Replacement of a lost or damaged card will cost £10. Replacement cards can be purchased through the University Online Shop which will generate a receipt that can be taken to any Student Information Desk to get your replacement card.
  • Please take care of your UniCard if damaged, defaced, altered (including using a hole punch) or subject to misuse, may render the card unusable and you will need to purchace a new one.
  • If the UniCard is stolen and a police crime number or an incident number is given, then it will be replaced free of charge. 
  •           Students can pick up replacement cards from the Student Information Desks based at Cockcroft, Falmer (Checkland Building), Grand Parade (main building), Eastbourne (Trevin Towers) or Hastings (Priory Square), (Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm), or from the libraries​ (during Helpdesk hours). If you are a member of staff, you will have to get a replacement card from a university library.
  •        Once you have a new card you must set it up to both Once you have a new card you must set it up to both buy items on campus and and access rooms and buildings if you use these services.
          •        Getting your first UniCard Click Here

 Cancelling lost or stolen cards

  • ​To ensure no one else can use your card if it is lost or stolen please click Cancel My UniCard’ and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Remember someone else could borrow books, or a laptop computer from  the library or use credit on your card, so it's important to cancel your card quickly. 
  • Once the card is cancelled any money left on the card can be added back into your account – unlike cash it’s not gone for good.



What happens if someone is caught using my UniCard?

Anyone caught using a UniCard who is not the owner of the card may be subject to university disciplinary action or formal criminal liability. The card will immediately be confiscated by a member of staff and where possible returned to the rightful owner. Do not allow anyone else to use your UniCard. 

What happens if someone hands in my UniCard?

The UniCard Service Centre receives the majority of all returned UniCards (including associated wallets or purses) which are stored in a secure location and every effort is made to contact the owner by phone and email to arrange collection. Wallets and purses must be collected in person and formal identification will be required.

What happens to uncollected UniCards, wallets and purses?

If UniCards are not collected within six months they will be destroyed. The issue of uncollected wallets and purses will be referred to the University of Brighton’s Audit Office for guidance.
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