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University Staff Photos

​Uploading a new photo


You can change your photo settings and upload a new photo via My Info, just follow the link to the photo uploader.

Please ensure that your photo meets the criteria - see Suitable photo for upload -  and also read information on religious dress in photos.


Having photos taken for you

If you are not able to upload your own photo, then you can have a member of Library staff take a photo of you, who will ensure that your photo meets the criteria. Check the library opening times

 A new or replacement UniCard can be printed off at the same time if required.


Photo Usage

As well as the photo being stored on the central administrative system and being used for your UniCard, your photo is also available for other systems (but not your Office365 account - see * below).

In line with the Data Protection policy you can choose the privacy settings of who you want your photo to be visible to on university ICT systems.
You can change your preference settings via My Info. You can choose one or both of the photo display options below or if you prefer not to have your photo displayed at all you can leave both options blank.  

The University Photo Policy contains further information.

Internally (opt in)

Your University Staff Photo will only be visible to staff and students of the university (requiring authentication to view)

Examples of where your photo could be displayed
  • module contacts on studentcentral pages
  • contacts directory of staffcentral
  • profile pages on sharepoint (requires authentication to view)

This is to support staff communications and identifying colleagues of the university (e.g. for meetings) and for students to easily identify teaching staff on their course. 


Externally (opt in)

Your University Staff Photo can be displayed on public areas of staffcentral

Some areas of staffcentral are available publicly, to provide services for students and the general public (e.g. Information Services site and some areas of the Academic Services site).

In some cases it may be appropriate for a team to display members of their team on a page of staffcentral that is publicly accessible Your photo will only appear if you have opted in to show your photo externally. If you have not opted in then a basic grey sillouette will display instead. 

* Your UniCard photo is not used within Office365. If you want a photo to appear in your Office365 profile, see instructions here.


Other photos

From time to time other images of staff may be used on areas of the university website or for news stories. For example, cases where photos are used of staff and/or students on university web pages or news stories on staffcentral/studentcentral/website, etc.

In these cases individual(s) are contacted for their permission to use these photo(s). This is in line with the Data Protection policy.

Suitable photo for upload:  


  • colour
  • clear with good contrast, in focus
  • a natural expression, smiling is acceptable!
  • recent, ideally less than one month
  • head and shoulders only
  • facing directly towards the camera
  • format of the photo must be jpg only.

  • maximum recommended size of photo 50 Kbytes


Unsuitable photo for upload:


  • hats, headgear or sunglasses
  • face not fully visible or obscured by hair or other items
  • non-plain background
  • time/date stamp
  • flash glare and ‘red-eye’
  • You will be liable to incur a £10 charge if an inappropriate photograph is uploaded and a replacement card is considered necessary.
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