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UniCard Services

UniCard photos



 Guidelines for photos


Suitable photo for upload:  


  • colour
  • clear with good contrast, in focus
  • a natural expression, smiling is acceptable!
  • recent, ideally less than one month
  • head and shoulders only
  • facing directly towards the camera
  • format of the photo must be jpg only.

  • maximum recommended size of photo 50 Kbytes


Unsuitable photo for upload:


  • hats, headgear or sunglasses
  • face not fully visible or obscured by hair or other items
  • non-plain background
  • time/date stamp
  • flash glare and ‘red-eye’
  • You will be liable to incur a £10 charge if an inappropriate photograph is uploaded and a replacement card is considered necessary.

 The legal bits

​See our policy document on UniCard photos for more information on what they are used for and who has access to them.

See also our Terms and Conditions​ pages for more information, as well as the university's Data Protection Policy on the use of staff images staff photographs. 

 Help with photos


How to upload a photo for your UniCard



  1. Go to the  photo upload page
  2. Login with your university username and password (the same details as you use to login to studentcentral)
  3. Follow the instructions

Alternative routes: You can also reach the photo upload page from the bottom of  studentcentral​- see Photo Upload link - and also from the UniCard centre - select Other UniCard services and then Photo Upload from the top menu bar.

Getting help

Visit any of the open access computer poolrooms where Student Computer Helpers and Technicians will be available to assist during the day, and at evenings and weekends. 


You can change your photo settings, including privacy settings, and upload a new photo via My Info. FInd out more from the Staff Photos web page.


Having photos taken for you

If you are not able to upload your own photo, then you can have a member of staff take a photo of you, staff will ensure that your photo meets the criteria. 
Students can have a photo taken either at Academic Services offices or in the libraries (evenings or weekends). Staff can have their photo taken at the libraries at any time. A new or replacement UniCard can be printed off at the same time if required. 

Religious Dress

This information is for students or staff who wish to wear religious dress that fully or partially obscures the face (such as Niqab or Burqa). 
If you are asked to show your photo, and you wear religious dress you may be asked to remove facial coverings.  We will deal with this in a sensitive manner taking account of dignity, courtesy and respect. You may request your identity is checked by a female member of staff and in a discreet area.

Privacy when having a photo taken

Students have the option of uploading their photos in private themselves and can access the service via their mobile devices, Studentcentral or the UniCard Portal. Staff and students also have the option to visit libraries and Student Centres to get new or replacement UniCards.
Alternatively a female member of staff from Student Information Desk team can take a photo, and there is a modesty screens at some sites
See our UniCard Photo Policy for more information.
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